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Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum


When you think of chewing gum, you probably think of blowing bubbles or something annoying stuck to the bottom of your shoe. But did you know that chewing gum can actually be good for your health? There are surprising benefits to chewing gum, including benefits to your dental health, mental health, and stomach health. [...]

Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum2022-10-25T06:50:39+00:00

What Are You Looking For in a Dentist?


Choose Affinity Dental of La Mesa! Most dentists offer the same clinical services, but what sets them apart? When you consider your options for a dentist, how do you choose one? What are you looking for in a dentist? There are a few main factors that people consider when choosing a dentist. Most people [...]

What Are You Looking For in a Dentist?2022-09-20T22:57:44+00:00

What Makes A Good Dentist?


How We Provide Our Patients With the Best Experience Having a good dentist is important. Your dentist cares for your teeth and mouth, and is your partner in maintaining your oral health. Your dentist becomes a trusted person in your life, someone you depend on to take care of you and your family. So what [...]

What Makes A Good Dentist?2022-08-17T17:14:29+00:00

New to the La Mesa Area?


Choose Affinity Dental for Your Dental Care!   Known for its moderate climate, great schools, and family friendly community, La Mesa, California is a great place to live. Located just 9 miles east of downtown San Diego and 10 miles from the beach, La Mesa is one of San Diego’s most popular suburbs. La Mesa [...]

New to the La Mesa Area?2022-07-18T13:42:18+00:00

Five Interesting (and WEIRD!) Facts About Teeth


Do you know everything about your teeth? You might know your own mouth quite well, but when it comes to teeth, there are some interesting and weird facts that just may surprise you. Dental procedures, fillings and toothbrushes have had a long history before reaching our mouths. Read on for five interesting (and weird!) facts [...]

Five Interesting (and WEIRD!) Facts About Teeth2022-06-23T17:32:22+00:00

Practicing Good Dental Hygiene To Preserve Your Health


Affinity Dental of La Mesa Offers Laser Therapy! It is widely accepted in the healthcare field that there is a direct connection between oral health and overall health. In order to promote and preserve your overall well-being it is incredibly important that you develop good dental hygiene practices. At Affinity Dental of La Mesa, [...]

Practicing Good Dental Hygiene To Preserve Your Health2022-05-18T18:30:18+00:00

Affinity Dental of La Mesa Makes Quality Dental Care Easy!


At Affinity Dental of La Mesa, our goal is to make our patients’ experience as easy and comfortable as possible. In addition to providing the highest level of quality dental care, we strive to provide our patients with clear communication, affordable and flexible payment options, and time-efficient services that respect your busy schedule. We [...]

Affinity Dental of La Mesa Makes Quality Dental Care Easy!2022-04-10T16:41:39+00:00

Do I Need a Crown?


Dental Crowns with Affinity Dental of La Mesa If you have broken teeth, fractured or leaking fillings, or damage from decay, dental crowns may be the solution. Dental crowns protect and strengthen a tooth that cannot otherwise be restored with fillings. A dental crown (or cap) is a covering that encases the entire tooth, restoring [...]

Do I Need a Crown?2022-03-14T22:17:52+00:00

Are You Interested in Dental Implants?


At Affinity Dental of La Mesa, California, we understand that as you age your specific needs change. As your dental team, we are here to be your partner in maintaining optimal oral health. We will listen to your needs, and collaboratively develop solutions that work for you as an individual.  Dental implants are a great [...]

Are You Interested in Dental Implants?2022-02-03T20:35:18+00:00

Why Choose Affinity Dental?


Read What Our Patients are Saying! Your dentist is your partner in maintaining your oral health. If you are looking for a new dentist, you’ll want to find someone you can trust, and with whom you feel comfortable.  Why should you choose Affinity Dental, in La Mesa, California? Just read what our patients have to [...]

Why Choose Affinity Dental?2022-01-04T20:07:14+00:00
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