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What is Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)?


Affecting as many as 10% of all people, dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a condition that results from a decreased volume of saliva in the mouth. This condition tends to be more prevalent in women than men, and occurs most often in the elderly and in those taking prescription and non-prescription medications. Dry mouth [...]

What is Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)?2021-01-13T18:51:07+00:00

Aging and Dental Health


Maintaining your oral health as you age There are plenty of challenges that come along with aging, and it is important to take good care of yourself and your overall health as you age. Taking good care of your oral health is especially important; if you want to feel good, look good, and stay healthy [...]

Aging and Dental Health2020-12-09T15:06:58+00:00

Fluoride Fights Cavities!


Keep your Teeth Healthy with Topical Fluoride Applications at your Regular Dental Visits    Are you familiar with fluoride? From an early age, many of us have been told by our dentists about the importance of fluoride. But what is fluoride, why is it so important, and how do we best benefit from it? Fluoride has [...]

Fluoride Fights Cavities!2020-10-28T11:04:29+00:00

What Are Wisdom Teeth?


...and How Affinity Dental of La Mesa Can Help Our mouths go through many changes over the course of our lifetime, and the appearance of the third molars, also known as the wisdom teeth, is an important milestone. These teeth have historically been called “wisdom teeth” because they come through at a more mature age [...]

What Are Wisdom Teeth?2020-09-14T18:53:00+00:00

Are Oral Bacteria Bad for Me?


How Affinity Dental Can Help You Keep a Healthy Oral Microbiome Even if you cannot see, feel or taste them, your mouth plays host to hundreds of microorganisms, commonly referred to as oral bacteria. While most of these tiny oral bacteria are harmless, there are some strains that can affect your overall health [...]

Are Oral Bacteria Bad for Me?2020-07-24T20:09:39+00:00
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