Did you know that it takes only 3 seconds for a first impression? Only 3 seconds! Making a good first impression can be crucial when meeting someone for the first time. Whether it’s interviewing for a new job or meeting a client, the odds are they are checking out your pearly whites. Your teeth are the first thing people notice when you speak to them.

While having great looking teeth can improve your first impressions and your personal confidence, keeping your gums and teeth healthy is our top priority. With regularly-scheduled dental cleanings we can best maintain the health of your mouth. Unhealthy gums can not only lead to a less-than-stellar smile, they can also contribute to many serious, systemic conditions, such as heart failure and diabetes.

It’s our mission here at Affinity Dental to improve the dental health for all of our patients, while providing the best cosmetic result that you desire. We offer a range of general dentistry services to fulfill your every need. Contact our La Mesa office to learn more.