Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Affinity Dental uses the latest technology to put patients at ease and extract teeth with minimal complication. Take advantage of our Complimentary Consultation and see if Wisdom Tooth Extraction is right for you.


Usually wisdom teeth develop in our late teens and early twenties. For most people, these teeth do not have room to grow in properly and can cause a litany of oral health complications including:

  • Infection – When there isn’t enough room for wisdom teeth to grow in, the gum tissue becomes irritated and infected, resulting in pain, swelling, and problems chewing and swallowing.
  • Cyst formation – Cysts are fluid filled sacks that can occur inside the jaw bone. As they expand they cause damage to the jaw bone and occasionally to teeth.

  • Crowding – Impacted wisdom teeth can cause crowding of your teeth, especially the lower teeth.

  • Damage to adjacent teeth – If there isn’t enough room to clean around the wisdom tooth, the tooth directly in front of it can be damaged.

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